Friday 1 October 2010

Milldale duck

At Milldale, there were almost as many ducks as there were walkers. And they weren't exactly scared of people! Where there is a walker, there is likely to be food; especially when that walker sits down, opens up a pack and proceeds to pull out a lunch box (which is exactly what we did!).

It didn't take our webbed friends long to discover us, and although they were not tame enough to allow themselves to be handled, they were not averse to walking over feet, pecking at coats and even taking food from the open hand, Interestingly, they were far more interested in bits of sandwich than they were in apple or plum. Hasn't anyone educated these birds in the importance of a balanced diet?!

According to Bob, there was a survey done recently to discover the best known bird in Britain (or was it the most loved bird in Britain?). Either way, the duck came out on top! I guess that's what comes of all those childhood trips to 'feed the ducks'; the perrenial ploy of the desperate parent to persuade over-active toddlers out on a walk.


  1. Tame in comparison to my swan

  2. That could be one of our ducks - must be a distant cousin! I love ducks, and we have a flock of 14 around the ponds.

  3. Great Blue Herons, in case you were waiting with bated breath wondering which water bird is my favorite.

    Gorgeous capture, H.