Wednesday 2 November 2011

Washed with wet sandpaper

And this is what was waiting round the corner at the top of Hall Dale; Belted Galloway calves. Aren't they absolutely gorgeous?!

Cows are curious, but naturally timid. If you run, they may chase, but shout and wave your arms around and it is they who will retreat.

(This one courtesy of Sacristan)

Which is why it was all the more surprising when the mother decided to investigate up close; having a good old lick at my hand (probably 'pleasantly' salty from sweating up Bunster Hill) and generally acting rather like an over-sized pet. But goodness, that tongue was rough! It was a bit like being washed with wet sandpaper.

(This one courtesy of Sacristan too)

She really seemed to enjoy being scratched between the ears!


  1. Nice trees in the background. Who's the girl?

  2. Those are great looking calves!

  3. The calves are very sweet. I don't know if I'd have been as calm as you look on being licked by the cow:)

  4. ack ! I am so envious.
    Love the "washed with wet sandpaper"
    What a beautiful cow and the calves look so sweet.
    What a wonderful surprise as you topped the hill.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. It's so adorable how calves/cows look straight into a camera. These bovine are particularly beautiful. I'd adore a walk in this setting... wouldn't mind having my hand gently washed with sandpaper, either. Shall we do this together one day, H? :-)

  6. They look like beautiful creatures - and I love the "washed with wet sandpaper" phrase.

  7. That cow must have had good hand-rearing I think to be able to trust you as much as that. I like belted Galloways too - they are becoming very popular round here, one reason being that they are hardy enough to stay out in all but the very worst weather.

  8. Marvellous pictures and how lovely to see you unveiled! Thank you, Sacristan! We hope you claim the camera more often.