Tuesday 29 November 2011

A wander down the garden

The main lesson I learned from my wander down the garden last week was that it desperately needed me to spend time tidying up!

These brightly coloured leaves are pretty now but will quickly decay to a soggy brown mush.

And the wind hasn't finished fetching them all off yet!

Down at the very bottom of the garden, the two holly bushes are sporting bright red berries as though reminding me that, in spite of the unseasonably mild November weather, Christmas is less than a month away.

S'pose that's something else I'd better get on with!


  1. Someone once asked an old man standing in his garden why he had not swept up the leaves. He replied that he always left that job to 'old Boreas' (The North Wind) - a philosophy I always follow!

  2. Our lawn too is covered with leaves it is also wet, soggy and really should have had a last cut but it is always too wet. This is the first year that parts of our holly hedge have produced berries - does this mean we will have a hard winter like last year? I wonder!:)

  3. Beautiful photos, a mixture of Autumn and Christmas. Love the Red Berries!

  4. Gardening is like housework, it never ends! (I don't do much of either, though.) But if I were you, I'd be tempted just to enjoy that blanket of colours in your garden. And Christmas? I'm skipping it totally... :-)

  5. H! Been missing you! I'm back now. That shot with the leaves in the foreground and the bush in the back is stunning. That combination of colors really sings. I take it this is your garden?
    Tina @ Life is Good

  6. Gorgeous photos - love the river of leaves (3 down). My street is covered in a brown soggy leaf mess that everyone tramps into the house.