Sunday 6 November 2011

Top 'o the dale

Stanshope Hall sits at the top of Hall Dale, just outside the village after which it is named. The hall is dates back to the 1600s and was, at one time, home to the quartermaster of Oliver Cromwell (who happened to be called Michael Jackson). It is now a listed building. An unusual feature of the interior is that every room is hand painted by an artist.

Standing just below the hall and looking back, this is the top of Hall Dale and the field of the Belted Galloways. This scene is very typical of the White Peak area of the Peak District National Park; limestone walls climbing the hillsides, the bones of white rock poking through the steeper slopes, the lush green of the small enclosed fields and the sudden fold of a steep sided dale. Beautiful!


  1. Marvellous ;pictures, but I sense you're teasing us, getting our interest piqued about the handpainted rooms then not showing us inside! Please, show us inside!

    Your description of Hall Dale is marvellous! Wonderful caption to grace your lovely photograph. Aren't all of those stone walls beautiful, too?

  2. What a beautiful house! The name seemed so familiar, and then you told me why. You live with history everywhere around you!

  3. What a beautiful house! I expect you would have to book in for bed and breakfast to see the interior - it sounds very interesting:)

  4. The quartermaster of Oliver Cromwell sure lived a life of abundance, if his house is anything to go by!