Sunday 28 November 2010

Friday night and saturday morning

I've bought myself a new camera. I love my faithful old Fuji, but it's about seven years old now and has rather fallen behind the times with its 5 million pixels and 3x optical zoom. It takes good photos, but I've become increasingly frustrated with the shots I can't take; mainly because they're too far away.  I wasn't intending to splash out quite yet, but I saw this deal and... well, you know!

It arrived on Wednesday morning, just in time for me to spend two frustrating days at work unable to try it out x-(

But then came the weekend and along with the weekend came visitors. I don't quite know how they did it, but before they arrived, the darkening world looked like this

and by the time they left, 18 hours later, it had changed to this...

...which is, apparently, the earliest snow for 17 years! I certainly don't remember having snow in November for a long time. It more usually hits us in January; that bleak, dark month which happens between the shining light of Christmas and the 'Thank you, God' of Spring, but here it is, so we'll wait to see how long it lasts.

Interestingly, Mark rang earlier to say that he's snowed in at a friend's house near Ullswater. They drove the 10 or so miles from Uni on friday night and now, they can't get back. Ooops!


  1. Beautiful shots! I still love my little Cannon, but I can see that beautiful photos need a more sophisticated camera. Well done!

  2. Nice pictures. I haven't told any one yet but I bought a new camera yesterday which I also couldn't afford at this time of year... need to do some business with the building society on monday !! The one I've got needs to go in for repair soon and will be used as a back up.
    I was once on a train in November 2004 near Dent when (guard's story) a van caused damage to the underside of a stone bridge. During the 45 minute wait, there was talk about reversing to Carlisle as there was an engine on both ends. In the meantime it started snowing to the point that they were worried about moving at all, fortunately, they sorted the van out before the snow became too deep. A nightmare avoided but I am always reminded of this event when the ugly phrase "November Snow" rears its head.

  3. So, what did you buy?

    Love that you're already playing around with the new one. I'm still hanging onto my old ones. Good memories from them.

  4. Beautiful shots with your new camera!

  5. Looks like you might get a few good snow shots on your new camera this winter. What did you get?

  6. Oh, well done on "spoiling" yourself. We can't always wait for "the right time" in life to do things and I'm sure the pleasure you'll derive from your new camera will far outweigh any financial constraints.

    Lucky me, too, as I've only just discovered your blog today & so I'll be benefitting from your "new improved" photography.

    Can empathise with the antsy pantsy feeling you had to live with for the two days you were working and couldn't spend time becoming acquainted with your new toy Have fun getting to grips with all its new fangled technology :)