Tuesday 16 November 2010

Ullswater 1 Glenridding to Howtown

Ullswater is the second largest lake in the Lake District, being approximately 9 miles long, 3/4 mile wide and having a maximum depth of around 197 feet. Like many of the lakes in the National Park, it is a ribbon lake; long and thin - the reason being glaciation. This landscape was formed by the action of glaciers in the last ice age. As the planet warmed up, the deepest parts of the ice-gouged valleys  filled with water, leaving a landscape streaked with long, thin puddles.

Steamers run round Ullswater regularly, between Glenridding near the southern end and Pooley Bridge at the northern tip, calling at Howtown en route. The entire trip takes just over two hours.

We set off from the stage at Glenridding. In his first week at Uni, Mark kayaked all around Ullswater and was enjoying telling us that he had limboed his kayak under the jetty here :)

The village of Glenridding is also a popular starting point from which walkers scale Helvellyn, England's third highest mountain. Just this week, Mark has been walking on Helvellyn in the snow. Unfortunately, Mountain Rescue advised them against trying for the actual summit because the narrow ridge of Striding Edge was ice bound and perilous.

The day we were in the Lakes was not exactly sunny, but it was calm and the rain held off. We needed multiple layers, but we enjoyed our Ullswater boat ride. These photos show the northward journey.

Reflections at the southern tip. The lake was incredibly calm.

One of the small islands close to the Glenridding stage.

Near Howtown, looking towards the north end of the lake.

Approaching the Howtown landing stage on the east shore of Ullswater (slightly shaky as the boat was revving to manoeuvre)


  1. Brings back memories of happy trips down the lake in the Summer. Thanks. Love that Swallows and Amazons type of boat!

  2. Wonderful photos - especially like the boat with the red sail. I've only been to the Lake District once but your photos have made me want to go back again:)

  3. Full of reflections and endlessly deep water as any Lakeland photo should be.

  4. The boat with the red sail is my favourite

  5. Lovely misty shots - the red sail boat is great.