Monday 8 November 2010

Repton School

Repton School occupies a number of buildings within the village, some historic (the 12th century Augustinian Priory forms the heart of the school), some much more modern and purpose built. Drive through here any weekday during term time, and there are almost certain to be students walking around the village, looking smart in their uniforms, carrying books and folders; each looking every inch the academic!

Repton caters for around six hundred students aged between 11 - 18 and organised into 10 houses, which become their term time homes and families; particularly for the Boarders.

The school prides itself on it's academic standards claiming that high expectations coupled with rigorous monitoring and quality teaching, will enable children to reach levels beyond their expectations. Alongside academic achievement are opportunities to excel in the arts, sport, music and drama; to become a rounded person and find the niche in which they will enjoy success.

The chapel is also an integral aspect of school life, promoting Christian values of service and giving the opportunity for the school to celebrate the Repton community.

Doesn't it all sound wonderful? The ideal to which any parent would aspire! The perfect start in life for their offspring!

In many, many ways, I expect it is.

My question is...

Why can't all secondary schools in our country enjoy such success?
Is it fair that some children have a privileged standard of education just because their parents can afford to pay the £9,050 per term for a boarder, £6, 715 per term for a day student?

(That's £27,150 per year for a boarder. Allow for seven years of school life, including the inevitable sixth form studies which will follow from their GCSE success, and that equates to a cool £190,050 - plus add ons like uniform, educational visits etc, and not factoring in rising fees!)


Opinions anyone?


  1. What a beautiful place to go to school. I agree that everyone should have the chance to get an education but I've not devised a way to get it paid for yet. If I do, I'll let you know. I also wish that since I dont' have children that I didn't have pay for other people's kids to go to school. But hey, gotta do what you gotta do, I guess.

    Lovely photos.

  2. Love the buildings !
    No money can pay the intelligence of a child, if it is not very intelligent you can also pay more, it doesn't make it better.
    But unfortunately in all countries education is also a question of money. With a rich father you have more possibilities than with a poor one !

  3. That is, indeed, a beautiful place. It's sad that all children can't have the same start, and that it all comes down to money, in the end.