Thursday 11 November 2010


The birds are quite happy in my garden at present, with quite a range of seeds to choose from.

This is about all that is left of my fennel, still smelling enticingly of aniseed.

 I can't remember the name of the blue flower these seeds developed from, but I loved the spiky structure.

And, just in case the birds can't find enough food of their own, I give them a helping hand.

The smart little feeder below was a present from my aunt and uncle way back when we lived in Old Trafford. Unfortunately, we didn't see much apart from pigeons and magpies up there. Here, the tits, finches and sparrows love it. I've even seen the robin clinging on for dear life.


  1. I ADORE FENNEL! Right now, the only birds I am encouraging are the finches and hummingbirds. If I put out seeds for the cardinals, the doves take over the feeder and leave a big mess!

  2. Lovely photos - the one the fennel is wonderful. We have two bird feeding areas. One near the bird bath - two little cups that attract the blue and coal tits who hide in the holly hedge behind. The other is a feeding station with trays and hanging nut and seed holders. We have loads of sparrows visit that plus a robin, sometimes starlings and a couple of greedy wood pigeons. The blackbirds always stay on the ground to eat. Earlier in the year we had goldfinches so put out a nyger seed feeder - we haven't seen them since!:)