Friday 19 November 2010


Located on Sheffield Road, just inside the boundary of Rotherham, Yorkshire, Magna Science Adventure Centre is a converted steel works.

Occupying an area a third of a mile long, the huge galleries incorporate four pavilions focussing on the elements of Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Within the Fire gallery multimedia shows play, telling the story of the steel smelting process, which was once the economic and social lifeblood of this community.

A stroll round the outside of the building quickly reveals the workings of heavy industry, from the small railed wagons,

to the enormous storage tanks

to the massive coal chutes, bridging high overhead

and the heavy duty crane gantries to lift and shift massive weights.

The sheer scale of the place was awe inspiring.


  1. Looks an interesting place - I love industrial history so would enjoy a visit. Glad they have been able to utilise the old steel works in such a positive way:)

  2. I've never yet visited here - I should make the effort. It looks as though there are some good photo possibilities.