Tuesday 30 November 2010

More snow

It's funny how a spot of snow can turn even the most ordinary looking objects into somethng with the potential for being a Christmas card. Too late. I've written most of mine. Maybe next year - but for now, you'll just have to enjoy them on here.


  1. As much I as I dislike it, it really is quite beautiful. Great shots of your own little winter wonderland.

  2. Lovely. More than our dusting this morning.

  3. Your images are beautiful. My favourites are 1, 2 & 4.

    Snow adds such a magical, ethereal and peaceful aura to everything - lovely to look at. I guess you're accustomed to dealing with the accompanying cold - that would present quite an adjustment from where I come from.

    Stay snug!

  4. Lovely to look at, horrid to walk in. Yes, I've mentally stored away a few of mine as potential cards!

  5. The first snow is always magical! It does get tiresome when there are many snowstorms that follow one after the other in a long winter.

    Stay safe and warm!