Wednesday 1 December 2010

Nocturnal wanderings

As I was wide awake in the early hours of this morning, I decided to try out my new camera on a night shot or two.

No, I wasn't keeling over from exhaustion. This lampost really does lean. About a week after it had been put into position, a truck backed into it!

The small box on the post at the end of the street is where the Royal Mail van drops off the letters for the area. As he does his rounds, the postman stops to reload his bag. 

Oh well, five out of six isn't bad. Look carefully though...

Ratbag appeared from a garden and shot off like lightning. Her feet must have been getting cold!

But, now I have a more powerful zoom, she's gonna find it harder to hide!! Hehe :)


  1. I can see you're having a lot of fun trying out your new camera! Such super pictures, especially the first one with the way you catch the lit up building so beautifully in the centre of your composition. I also especially like image number 4 ;) Everything looks so peaceful...

    Doesn't anyone use a garage for their cars in your area? We don't have snow and yet diligently park our cars in their garages for the night! It must be quite a job getting your cars started in the morning and chipping off all the snow and ice from the windshields???

  2. Super shots, H. You and your new friend are rockin' it. That lamp post looks like it's getting blown over by the wind. Far more romantic than being bumped by a truck.

  3. It looks more impressive than what I saw on TV ! You really got it this year and so early. In Belgium it snowed too but not as much as in your country. in Brussels we only have 3 cm, but it is bitter cold !

  4. Hope you didnt get too cold getting those pictures! You need some sort of remote so you can stay tucked up in bed!

  5. I hope you weren't outside in your jammies! Isn't Desiree's comment sensible - why doesn't anyone use their garage for cars? Instead we fill them with freezers and old chairs and other junk.

  6. Your area looks like mine, H, minus the snow! :) Your camera took very clear night photos! I am not good taking night time photos as yet ..I have to experiment with the settings.

  7. Wonderful night shots! It looks like natural black and white photos..