Wednesday 22 December 2010

Longstone Edge

This is Longstone Edge (before the snow), a limestone ridge immediately north of the village of Great Longstone, near Bakewell in Derbyshire. Rising to a height of about 1300 feet and running east-west for around 6km, it offers wonderful views over the Peak District.

The edge is quarried for galena, fluorspar and barytes, which is fine, but also for limestone, which is much more controversial because of the sheer scale of the operation. There has been a long running dispute between the Peak Park Authority and Bleaklow Industries Ltd about the rights to quarrying. The last decision, in March 2009, ruled in favour of the Peak Park Authority, but the legal battles continue.

The objection to large scale quarrying at this particular site is that is is a recognised beauty spot and, as such, should be protected. In this case, I have to agree. The line has to be drawn somewhere!

I love the colours in these photos, picked out by the somewhat selective sunshine.
And this is from the same spot, but in the other direction...

...looking very atmospheric with the light breaking through the storm clouds.


  1. I know a very little bit about the Peak District and it's certainly a part of the UK I'd like to visit. The photos with the mist are particularly lovely.

  2. Again, such beautiful photos, H. My parents and I briefly visited The Peak District in 1972! Thank you for reminding me and for the additional information...which you're so good at providing.

  3. Busted a gut reading about the two opponents. Funny names to my American ears. I hope the vote continues to favor the PPA.

    Gorgeous shots.

  4. It's so strange yet lovely how one place can look so different at different angles!

  5. Such dramatic views from Longstone Edge! I agree that it would be nice tp keep it natural. Mining is so destructive.

  6. Fabulous views - though I do think you could walk up there tomorrow and show us what it looks like in the snow! ;)

  7. Gorgeous. My son lives in Derbyshire and I was there last weekend. It is almost as lovely as Wales!