Wednesday 29 December 2010

Christmas robin

Star of many a Christmas card, showing off his lovely red breast, the robin is actually quite the little bully.

Robin Redbreast stares
Full bird feeder! Standing guard!
"Don't even think it!"

This was taken in my aunt and uncle's garden. In mine, the Blue Tits have a system, taking it in turns to be chased while the others nip in for a beakful.

With all that chasing, you'd think he'd be a little less round. Maybe he's just fluffed up his thermal underwear.


  1. Such a beautiful little bird, even if a bit of a bully ;)

  2. Cutest bully I've come across

  3. He looks like he is taking his seed guarding job very seriously--wonderful photos!

  4. You can't help but love them. He looks like a little ball on legs.

  5. I love the way robins fluff themselves up in cold weather - our resident robin waits for me every morning to put out the bird food - I leave him a few mealworms - he's down to collect them before I've got back into the house - lovely photos:)

  6. He's quite beautiful. Birds are so intense. Maybe that's why I love 'em so much.