Saturday 11 December 2010

Special event

If you've been reading over the last couple of days, you can't fail to have noticed that I've been up to Bradford. Actually, more accurately, I've been up to Shipley, but Bradford was high on the agenda because of the specific reason for the visit.

I was invited to an event which was taking place here.

A Grade II listed building, designed by Henry Francis Lockwood and William Mawson and opened in 1853, St George's Hall is a neoclassical style sandstone construction just across the square from City Hall.

The concert hall originally had a capacity of 3,500. After interior remodelling, that is now reduced to 1,500, but it is still an impressive place with tiered seating on three levels. My seat was waaaaaay up on tier three; the Grand Tier!, so I had a birds eye view of proceedings.

But what were these proceedings?

The stage is set...

This is more of a clue...

The academic dress is a bit of a giveaway isn't it?! The College dignitaries are out in force while the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress take centre seats. The banner hangs proudly, if slightly askew, right of stage, the college principal takes the podium and the official recorder is ready to document recordings.

I was here to share in the ceremony of my good friend's graduation! He's worked very hard for his 'Post Compulsory Education and Training' teaching qualification, studying long hours whilst continuing to work in a half-time job, plus fit in some college teaching (which comes coupled with much preparation). He richly deserves this celebration of his success!

He may well grin :)

Nice one Sacristan!


  1. Congratulations ! how nice !

    Honnestly I first thought it was a theatre play before I read the text, lol !

  2. Some great pictures of Bradford (the city of my birth). I have many fond memories of St Georges Hall. And congratulations to your friend.

  3. Sweet photos, especially the last one. Congratulations Sacristan.

  4. Sacristan, He of the Charming Brass Magi - my sincere Congratulations are offered along with everyone else's - WELL DONE on a job done well! I'd also be beaming if it were I ;)

  5. Congratulations to the fine fellow!

  6. Congrats to your friend. Hope you all had a fab party after the ceremony

  7. what a wonderful accomplishment for a fine
    young man!

    thank you for your prayers for my friend's
    missing son.