Tuesday 7 December 2010


As is usual for this time of the year, it was pitch black when I woke up this morning. Eventually, though, the sun decided to poke up his nose, and the sky began to turn.

Unfortunately, it didn't get much warmer. It took me twenty minutes to scrape the car and the thermometer was showing -10 degrees C. Nevertheless, the sky remained clear blue throughout the morning and I wandered out explore my frozen garden.

A few leaves are clinging on to the rose stems

and the pyracantha haven't all been stripped. (Nice bit of colour there Cheryl? :) )

There was colour in the clear blue sky too, though it is a bit of an icy blue!

The blackberry bramble is still nursing one berry which forgot to ripen

and the ivy is showing off its veins.

I still can't remember what this spiky seed head is called

but this is definitely a holly :)

For once, it's even managed to produce a few red berries!

And finally...

You remember that leylandii from yesterday?

The one which was all lush and green!

The one which I said the blackbird would be perching on come spring!

He doesn't only perch in Spring, but at this time of the year he hasn't got much to say for himself.

He's obviously not interested in the ladies just yet!


  1. If I did things like ROFL, I'd be doing that right this very minute. Of course you know I'm far too serious for that nonsense.

    Thanks for the shout-out and for the beautiful part of winter. The colors, the colors, the colors, all shining in ice. That blackbird atop the snowy branches (GREEN!) seen against the blue sky is fantabulous.

  2. Gorgeous, frosty shots! I love the berries and the holly leaves - they look magical.

  3. You are surpassing yourself daily, H. The pictures just get better and better! Absolutely marvellous selection here, today - I can almost feel, taste and touch the ice clinging to the leaves and berries. And what a superb one of your blackbird - and how serendipitous was that! The leyandii looks beautiful with its white frosting :)

    Your pictures bring magic to my experience of the Christmas season! Thank you!

  4. You're getting some good results from that new camera, H. It's cold here but I haven't noticed beauty like that - maybe I haven't got the right things in my little garden.

  5. Lovely photos from your garden - I like the colour from the berries. Mr Blackbird looks as if he is still guarding his territory - we have a very naughty Mr Blackbird in our garden; he chases all the other birds away from the food we put down on the ground:)