Thursday 16 December 2010

London Thames part 1 Greenwich to Tower Bridge

When we visit London, one of our favourite journeys is along the Thames on a cruiser. Combined with an hour or so in Greenwich Indoor Market and a stroll along the South Bank, it's the kind of day which gives a buzz. 

Greenwich is probably most famous for the zero meridian; the line from which all time zones are measured, but it is also home to the National Maritime Museum, the Observatory, the Cutty Sark (currently undergoing restoration after a fire), a foot tunnel under the Thames and the Royal Naval College (pictured).

Interestingly, the domes on here were designed by Christopher Wren and were his practices for the dome of St Paul's Cathedral.

Journeying upstream towards London centre, we pass Canary Wharf, the tallest building in the capital.

These Lego-brick looking apartments are part of the massive Docklands development which has transformed this part of East London from a rough docks to a prestigious residential area, complete with huge price tag. This particular building was designed to give every apartment a river view, because an apartment with a view of the Thames will sell for around a quarter of a million pounds more than one without.

Moving on, the Captain Kidd pub is named after the famous pirate who was hanged just up the river at Execution Dock in 1701, convicted of murder and piracy. On the first attempt, the hangman's rope snapped, so they took him down and tried again, after which, they doused his body in tar and left it to rot, suspended in a cage over the Thames as a warning to others.

It was thanks to pirates like Kidd that London was the first city in the world to have a dedicated river police service. Their headquarters is still here in Wapping.

Passing under Tower Bridge, City Hall becomes visible. The home of the office of the Mayor of London, it stands 45m tall, with 10 floors and is described as 'A glass globe that's as green as possible', running on 1/4 of the energy consumption of an equivalent high spec office building.

And looking back, there is the unmistakable shape of Tower Bridge itself.

Tomorrow, I'll journey on to Westminster, but for now you might like to take a look at Alphabe-Thursday to see what else in on the L menu.


  1. I've been to London about ten times in my life so I enjoyed this presentation very much. At 66 now, retired, and on a very limited income, I doubt that I will ever have the opportunity to return.

  2. Wonderful, informative outing you have shared with us today! I visited London with my parents in 1972, the year I finished school! Such a long, long time ago - it was a truly wonderful experience, which I've not forgotten. We stayed at a hotel called The Elephant and Castle which was on the East Bank. In the 10 days we had in London, every waking minute was spent exploring. It was very cold, as we were there in December and obviously the daylight hours were curtailed, but we saw as much as we could and loved every moment.

  3. Another pub I haven't been to : that's two in one week! So little life left, so many pubs to visit.

  4. Hi again!

    Great ‘L’ post -as always. Lovely virtual tour of London!

    Wishing you a great weekend ahead & looking forward to *seeing* you again!


    Btw Your quick Alphabe-Thursday link

  5. Thank you so much for a great trip! I'm going to London for my birthday in January & we are going to do a river trip. Been to London lots of times but never done a river trip!

  6. I'm thoroughly enjoying my romp through the UK. Ooo and ahh images from London. Love that bridge and green building.

  7. I loved the tour of London. The office of the Mayor of London is such a wonderful building.

  8. Geez, you make me homesick ! I have been often in Greenwhich and all the places you show, my son had lived in London for 10 years, so I was there quiet often.

  9. Thanks for the tour of the Thames! It's almost as good as going there in person, almost. Hopefully some day I will have that priviledge!

  10. Thank you! Thank you! This was so interesting! Your tour photos are great, and this post was a pleasure to read!

  11. I've only been to London once, so this was a great treat for me. Thanks!


  12. I always think the city hall building looks like someone sat on it. I love London. So much.

  13. Hi again!

    Thanks for your request to Lola's Lifeline for advice about yr brother! I'm now off for a couple of weeks but will do my best to include it in my next Lifeline column in a few months' time (postbag's already starting to bulge!!). Hope you can hold out until then!

    Hope you have a good Xmas meantime despite the problems!

    XOXO Lola:)

  14. I would Love to go to London. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures. It is a perfect "L" post!

  15. What a perfect morning. Here I sit with my coffee in my flannel PJ's, taking a wonderful trip. I really appreciate the time you took to make us feel like we were right there with you.

    Another lovely, lovely link from a lovely, lovely lady!

    Thank you!


    Sorry to be so brief but I need to find some fish and chips! ha!

  16. I love to travel! Just can't leave home right now so this is the next best thing! Thanks for sharing this in the "L" post. Merry Christmas!~Ames