Sunday 5 December 2010


As you were all so taken with Christmas decorations (:p), I thought I'd treat you to another little gem.

We have a Santa's Grotto. It's full of fake snow and plastic ice caps and empty presents and gaudy baubles; all designed to make little boys and girls go into Santa overdrive.

Don't get me wrong. I used to love going to see Santa just as much as the next little boy or girl. I just think it looks a bit tacky. It makes me wonder whether the presents which Santa hands out to the nowadays little boys and girls will also be a bit tacky.

Why is it that designers of such things don't seem to understand that children can appreciate subtle colours and a bit of careful detail and individuality? Everything doesn't need to be big and bright and plastic.

Maybe it doesn't matter too much. Maybe all that really matters is the anticipation of seeing Santa. I hope so.

And at least the polar bears are smiling.


  1. This gives new meaning to butt ugly.

  2. It's a great pity that the magical Christmas spirit of old has devolved into something tacky and commercialised. I guess it's up to parents and grandparents to be discerning and show their children and grandchildren the side of Christmas they value personally.

  3. That's difficult to say, it's a matter of taste I guess. Anyway children follow the trends and want the same as their classmates ! But I think that had always been like that.

  4. It's very Disney. Like you I wonder if children really like those things or if the designers/planners just think they do?