Monday 13 December 2010

St Mary's Wyke, graveyard

The graveyard at St Mary's used to be bigger, but some of the memorials were relocated when the new extension was added.

When I took this photo, I was wondering if SCHORAH was Hebrew or Greek. Turns out it's neither. Apparently, the Schorah family was big around these parts some years back :) Doesn't sound typically Yorkshire!

I loved the shape and design on some of the other crosses in the graveyard, but it was difficult to find good angles without trampling through the snow and I didn't want to do that because I couldn't quite make out where the smaller paths were. I didn't really want to go marching over someone's grave.

This last one is by the front gate of the church. I was attracted by the simple obelisk-like shape and also the distant view behind.


  1. What were you doing in Wyke? It's just up the road from here.

  2. I would av though 'SCHORAH' was Hebrew too lol. The snow around it makes it much more picturesque :)

  3. I love tramping over dead bodies. It's part of the charm of living near a cemetery with walking paths for the residents. These remind me of the headstones in our cemetery which dates back to the 1600s.

  4. Lovely pictures again, H. That new camera was the best present you could have given yourself!


    You're so hilariously inappropriate ;)

  5. Shelley Skrepnek18 January 2013 at 21:50

    Thank you for the pictures. I'm a genealogist from Alberta, Canada doing my husband's BROOK ancesters who all came from Wyke and yours is a great site for seeing the church where most of them were baptised, married, or buried. I copied a picture of St. Mary the Virgin church to my Ancestry database and gave your Little Sealed Packages credit for it. I like your photos of the tombstones too; unfortunately there are very few such sites in England available on the Internet.

  6. Thank you Shelley. I'm pleased you found it useful.