Tuesday 14 December 2010

Holy Trinity, Low Moor

Holy Trinity, Low Moor is one of the sister churches to St Mary's Wyke. The local CE Primary School were in the church when we arrived, rehearsing for their Christmas carol concert. By now, they will have performed for parents.

Of course I wouldn't photograph someone else's children, but it was lovely to hear them singing and to see all of the nativity costumes; typical tea-towel head-dresses for shepherds and Joseph, lots of animal ears for sheep, cows, camels and the inevitable 'Little Donkey', unwanted velor curtains for the cloaks of the kings! It's exactly what they need to extract the parental "Ooooh"s and "Aaaaah"s.

Meanwhile, outside, the sun was still shining and I just had to photograph yet another graveyard with all those stone designs, beautifully set off by the holly, snow, sunlight and shadows.

And how handy to have a lunch-serving pub over the road!!


  1. You were certainly very fortunate with the clear blue skies, weren't you!

    Hope you had a tasty pub-lunch :) I can imagine how traipsing around all those Church grounds could work up a hearty appetite. I need very little encouragement to eat these days!

  2. Do you know, I don't think I've ever been in the Chapel House ! (What's this, you say, a local pub he has never visited!) My family were originally from the Low Moor area.

  3. Great shots inside and out. I heart your new camera and how well you've become inseperable.

  4. I love taking pictures of graveyards. Not sure why, but I'm fascinated. I love your picture of that one.