Tuesday 28 December 2010

Mercaston snow

Until today, the world was still all white.

Although it hasn't actually snowed for a few days, the freezing temperatures have been making the white stuff hang around, gradually beoming more and more patchy; treacherous in places where it has compacted to pure ice. Today, however, we had the first signs of a true melt, with grey, miserable, but warmer temperatures (by which I mean climbing just about above freezing point), accompanied by drizzle.

The snow was beautiful, but very inconvenient with near impassable minor roads and streets.

If you're getting heartily tired of all this snow, click here for the same location on a green day, but I have a few more snowy pictures to share yet I'm afraid :)


  1. Lovely...both snowed under and green! And so very, very different both ways. Truly amazing. I'm not getting tired of all the snow at all, but of course, I'm viewing it from a great distance away and am totally unaffected by the accompanying freezing temperatures! Stay warm & safe.

  2. Having just survived the 1st blizzard of 2010-11 season, I'm enjoying your quiet beauty. The wind is still raging. Maybe tomorrow I'll actually leave the house. Oy.

  3. After a heavy downfall of snow yesterday, which soon melted, it began to rain and rained all night - there is hardly any snow left today still enjoying seeing snowy photos thought:)

  4. Every day there seems to be more snow-news from your side of the world - big sympathy from over here! It's beautiful, but I always find that the novelty wears off rather quickly after delayed trips to the grocery or cancelled holiday parties.

  5. We just had over two feet of snow! It looks pretty but it has been such an inconvenience. Let's hope there will be no more snowstorms coming our way in winter of 2011!