Wednesday 8 December 2010


Tradition has it that three kings visited the baby Jesus in Bethlehem, but actually, the Bible doesn't give a number and nor does it specifically refer to them as kings; rather as magi (wise men). I suppose that we settled on three because there were three gifts.

However many there really were, three is the number that usually appears on Christmas cards and in the carols, decorations and nativity scenes.

My friend, Sacristan, has these three beautiful brass kings which he displays around the bottom of his Christmas tree. I had a very enjoyable time helping him to unpack the decorations and dress his tree yesterday evening.


Do you see the kings journeying round the base?

Plus, of course, the star at the top!

I'm linking in this K post to Alphabe-Thursday over at Jenny Matlock's. Do take a look at the other contributions. There is always good quality and fun.


  1. How lovely!

    A beautiful timely tribute....

  2. what lovely little kings ... how cute they are places around the bottom of the tree!

  3. thanks for sharing this beautiful tree and the
    gorgeous magi!

  4. I love that they are on a journey! They are so pretty. The whole tree looks wonderful.

  5. Well that must have put you in a festive mood ! They look lovely .

  6. Brilliant kings/magi. Shiny. I like shiny.

  7. Hi again!

    Great ‘K’ post -as always. Wishing you a great weekend ahead & looking forward to *seeing* you again next time


    Btw Your quick Alphabe-Thursday link

  8. I am loving the 3 kings decoration! In fact, I love how you have everything decorated and ready for Christmas! Very lovely :)

  9. Love the Three Kings guided by the star :-)

  10. Wow, the Kings have come out well...
    No prizes for guessing what my Christmas Card is going to feature this year =D

    Sadly (or perhaps fortunately) you cannot see the piles of boxes and papers that were still on the floor at this point. Though it did make it feel oddly like a stable (or perhaps barn) hurriedly pressed into another service.

    H, Thank you for coming to the freezing north - it was good to have you visit again.


  11. Oh, you are soooo clever. I would have never thought of the word "Kings" for K.

    Your home looks so lovely and festive and warm and welcoming.

    Thank you for entertaining us today and letting us share in your fun!


  12. They are quite charming! A nice tradition to have them marching around the tree.

  13. Those kings are absolutely beautiful!