Wednesday 5 January 2011

Calling "Time" on Christmas 2

Moving from Sheffield to East London, this is the roofspace of the Greenwich Indoor Market.

The market itself was disappointing on this occasion though, with only around half the usual number of stalls. I guess most traders were taking a break after the Christmas rush.

A short ride away is Canary Wharf, with its indoor shopping centre, featuring a bauble cluster theme on both ceilings and tree.

Outside, in Cabot Square, the trees around the fountains were lit up, overshadowed by the towering office blocks...

and at the end of the Wren Landing footbridge, the dockside railings were covered in brightly lit snowflakes.

I'm appreciating your comments from yesterday :)
Any likes or dislikes from today?


  1. The bauble tree, the Winter Garden tree in day/night and the ball of lights tree outside.

    Are these are taken with your SX210 using the night setting?

  2. While I love the bauble cluster, I'm not crazy about the matching tree. I like the ceiling of the market place - it just looks homemade and cheery.

  3. I agree with Pondside's comment. Also, it must have taken a lot of effort to put up all those baubles and lights in the market place. Huge roof area to cover!

    The trees in Cabot Square look attractive lit up with plain white lights. I love those for year round appeal (we have two strings of fairy lights in our garden and they add such magic in the evenings).

    I'll have to see if I can get any decent night shots with my wee camera of the garden lit up.

  4. Yes please Desiree. I'd like to see those photos.

  5. Favourites? That third image. Lovely colours and shapes. A feast for the senses.

  6. How beautiful ! it's such a long time ago I have been in Greenwich and spend Christmas in Noorwood/London, where my son lived for 10 years !

  7. Love your close ups of the Xmas decorations

  8. I love all of it. I like the photos, too.