Tuesday 4 January 2011

Calling "Time" on Christmas

Tradition says that all Christmas decorations should be down by 12th night, which is, I believe, Thursady, so I thought I would squeeze in two last posts of the Christmas decorations I have spotted on my wanderings - before it was too late.

Starting  in Sheffield, this is the Christmas tree in the Winter Gardens, by day...

and by dark.

Then there is the rather unusual 'tree' outside the Winter Gardens,

the bright white offerings outside the Anglican Cathedral

and the more traditional one outside the impressive Town Hall. 

We also spotted these...

and these.

 Tomorrow, I'll show you a small selection of offerings from parts of East London, but in the meantime I'm wondering, which of the Sheffield decorations do you favour? And are there any which you thoroughly dislike?


  1. I don't favour the white, lit up bauble tree. I'm definitely more of a traditionalist :)

  2. I like the traditional tree - always!

  3. I like all the trees shown! Christmas trees just make my heart happy.

  4. I don't actively dislike any of them but my favourites are the white lights ouside the Anglican Cathedral:)

  5. The picture of the one outside the Cathedral is a wonderful image. Perfectly captured.

  6. I always like little lights strung in bare trees so the one outside the Cathedral gets my vote too.

  7. I love that unusual tree...it's kind of a topiary on steroids! Darn! I wish I would have read this post sooner, then I wouldn't have had to take all my stuff down!

    Now my house looks bare! I'm thinking I need to go furniture shopping - ha!