Sunday 16 January 2011

A grand day out in Sheffield 9 - The chances of anything...

... coming from Mars
Are a million to one,
But still
They come!

Do you remember 'War of the Worlds'?

I still prefer the original film. I also prefer the original Jeff Wayne musical!


  1. Amusing take on these rather unusual, but nevertheless quite interesting, lamps :)

    Great pictures! You're definitely still very much in love with your new camera, that's plain to see! And your imagination is certainly firing on all systems ;)

  2. Thank you - though the imagination was something of a shared inspiration, with Sacristan and I bouncing comments off each other.

  3. I really enjoyed this day out, the chill winter mist (no, on second thoughts, make that fog!) only adding to the atmosphere as we explored just a few parts of the city - then to be confronted by these looming out of the gloom...

    Like H; I still prefer the original version of Jeff Wayne's composition; somehow it was "colder" and more alien than some of the remixes. I still have the LPs and booklet from around the time it was released.


  4. Ah, how nice to have your input, Sacristan! We have all been thoroughly captivated by this fun outing H has been sharing with us. Today, we saw the carousel. Looks like it could have been a lot of fun and left me wondering whether the two of you had hopped on for a ride ;)