Tuesday 11 January 2011

A grand day out in Sheffield 4 - Bells

Above the Hallam University building is the Millennium Gallery, inside which is this display of bells made in 1866 by Naylor Vickers and Company of Sheffield.

According to the information board, between 1859 and 1890, Naylor Vickers cast over 7,000 bells for churches in the UK and abroad. Mostly, they were intended to be temporary; to be replaced by bronze bells as funds allowed. Because of this very few Naylor Vickers bells now remain. There are only known to be 15 sets around the world.

This ring of bells was originally cast for the Parish Church of Bassaleg, near Newport in South Wales.


  1. We lived in Sheffield for years and The Lad is there now and thus we visit often - but I never knew about the connection with Naylor Vickers and bells. Fascinating stuff

  2. You are so good at finding "out of the ordinary" subjects for your daily capture, H - all so fascinating! I'm learning such a lot from you in the process...must be the eternal teacher coming out in you :)

  3. wow..that's amazing to see the bells lined up like that..Awesome shot!

  4. One doesn't often hear church bells over here - something I really missed when we came home from living in Europe.