Thursday 29 September 2011

Cross 'O'Th Hands

My personal challenge for this round of Miss Jenny Matlock's alphabe-Thursday is to post about a location within the borders of my own county of Derbyshire, UK, for each letter of the alphabet.Look for the letter, to see where I am.

A little bit of inventiveness needed for today...

X is for Cross 'O'Th Hands (X of the Hands).


The place we are visiting today is quite small; just a collection of farms and houses and a chapel.

The  setting is pastoral, the hills gently rolling, but the overall altitude is raised in relation to the surrounding countryside and there are good viewpoints outside the village in both directions.

It's rather unusual name was taken from the long gone public house which is believed to have been used for bare knuckle fist fighting.

The houses are brick built and vary in age.

The Methodist Chapel was built in 1903; its original designated being a Primitive Methodist Chapel.

It is still open and holds a service every Sunday evening.

It's lovely to see the red telephone boxes still around. In the cities, most of these have been replaced by their more modern, dull grey counterparts.

And, at the very top of the village, is the main road which runs between Ashbourne and Belper.


  1. That's a really scenic town.. love the rustic look of the brick buildings.

  2. Yet another pictureques post! Beautiful scenery there!

  3. Clever thinking H - I have been eagerly awaiting this. I have a friend who lives in Burton on Trent - he does not blog but I have pointed him in the direction of your blog on alphaabetical names and he is really enjoying it. Thought you would like to know.

  4. I loved the red telephone booth, as well I enjoyed all of your photos - very picturesque!

    Today’s post…
    X is for

    Have a good Thursday!
    Cathy Kennedy,
    Children's Author, “The Tale of Ole Green Eyes”

  5. What a sweet village and I love the cow meeting !

  6. What a quaint place to visit! It looks like a great place to stroll.

  7. Clever you! If there's a prize in this meme you should get it!
    Another beautiful village - all so green and rural-looking. It makes me think - we have such an enormous country, yet we build on top of one another, and villages such as you've shown just don't exist.

  8. This village is absolutely charming, but the best part of all is its name!


  9. Hi again!

    Love this ‘X’ post! Great pics of the village - especially love the red phone box!

    Have a great weekend too,



  10. I agree with Pondside that you've done a most excellent job with this entire round of Alphabe-Thursday, a top contender for top prize, for sure. This post is ingenious for the X week and another charming little corner of Derbyshire. When I see old red phone booths like yours, I wonder again why today's urban design so often lacks the warmth of days gone by. The house with the ivy is wonderful (but not sure I'd want the bugs that come with it). :-)

  11. I was interested on how you were going figure out the "X" part. Very clever !

    I have enjoyed reading this fun, crazy and for you very time consuming posts.... I am such a tourist when it comes to driving around the UK. Love !

    I posted about one of my trips around Yorkshire and how I was so happy to have been able to spend a few days in the area. I think we took 300 photos but unfortunately my photos were all destroyed.
    I think this is one reason way I so enjoy your blog. I get to come along on your photo trips.

    cheers, parsnip

  12. I love the vine-covered house, and the Methodist chapel windows look like a face! Great post, as always!!

  13. Inventive, creative, and gorgeous place. I felt such a strong pull from these images, I'm wondering if I lived there in a prior life.

  14. OH it's so quaint and pretty...I love the old brick homes...peaceful!

  15. Beautiful pictures, thanks for taking us along on your journey:-)

  16. Oh this is just beautiful! I love seeing the English countryside with their lush green grass :) Great use of 'X' for this post :)

  17. THis is such a good idea, very inventive. LOve your photo's oh thisd little old villahe. Love the house in the green.
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. Well done with the X post.
    Reminded me of Sussex and the village Cross-in-Hand near to our home.

  19. quite a surprising origin for the name! I was thinking more... religious! It's beautiful, like most of the countryside in Derbyshire {:-D

  20. How awesome... I love that most every picture has green in it! And what a fun name. Great X :)

  21. Bravo! I wondered what you would use for X. This is such a creative way to continue your theme!

    I am enamored of the town and the cows and the countryside and the red phone booth.

    What a most xcellent and charming link for the letter X.


  22. Hi, The "long gone" public house still exists and is now the farmhouse which sits on the crossroads at Cross o' th' Hands.