Friday 30 September 2011

One way system

Standing 212' tall, towering over Irongate, this is Derby Cathedral.

But, wait a moment. What's that at the top?

Window cleaners?

Every second year, Derby Mountain Rescue Team hold their Cathedral Abseil fundraiser. Being a purely voluntary organisation, they rely on such events to keep alive the vital service they provide and so, each time they run the abseil, around 100 crazy people climb the seemingly endless spiral staircase to the top of the tower and...

Think of it as a one way system!

Here comes a crazy person on the quick route down.

Getting closer!

Oh, hello Ben!

And you seem to be being followed!

Around £14,500 has been pledged in sponsorship! Half to the DMRT and half to the Cathedral Chapter which supports projects connected with the work of the cathedral among the people of Derby.

Good fun!


  1. Good fun for a good cause.
    Have a nice day

  2. Very scary but worthwhile for two good causes! Is that you following on? If so I admire your courage:)

  3. Is that you rappelling down after Ben? I know you've been trying your hand at it so I'm kinda hoping this is you. Huzzah!


    I love you for that.

  5. Oh my! That sounds quite scary to me! That's so brave of you guys to do that. It's so crazy but you must've had fun too, right? So if you and Ben were climbing up and rappelling down, who's taking the pictures?

  6. When you asked "What's that at the top of the Cathedral?" I thought you meant the flag (you know how literal I am!) Spent ages trying to identify it before realising that it was those crawling down the side of the building you were wanting us to look at. Having looked at them and having felt very dizzy (I have not been to the pub yet whatever you might think) I went back to studying the flag.

  7. I got dizzy just looking at the pictures! Living as we do, near mountains and wild ocean, I am very grateful for the Search and Rescue people who put themselves at risk night and day to rescue the hikers, skiers, fishermen and sailors - God bless all those brave men and women.

  8. Yes, it's me following behind Ben.

    The photos are being taken by Mark. I thrust the camera into his hands last minute when I discovered they wouldn't allow me to take it up the tower. (Fear of dropping it on someone's head. From that height, it would brain them!)

    Unfortunately, Mark hadn't used my camera before and I didn't have time to point out the zoom, so the photos are a little distant.

    Mark wasn't abseiling because we weren't sure when he would be travelling back to Cumbria. He did the descent 2 years ago though.

  9. This looks like winner from all sides. Money raised for a good cause, lots of fun supporting.
    How fabulous that you are zooming down after Ben.

    Fun Day ! Good cause ! Beautiful church and town !

    cheers, parsnip

  10. Oh, very cool! Scary, too, but not quite as scary as the spiders. Took me a moment to be brave enough to see what you were up to after that. LOL!

  11. OMG ! I already get dizzy when I see these pictures !!

  12. What a treat this was, getting a glimpse of you! Wow! You look quite the pro!

  13. Great cause and what fun! Good for you...

  14. WoW, H!! Clap, clap, clap... :-)