Saturday 29 October 2011

Do you want a good laugh?

I've been a member of Alter Rock for about two months. Mainly, I joined so that I could belay Ben on the high lead climbs while Mark is away at Uni. Sometimes, Ben can find a partner, sometimes not, so me belaying means that he can go more often than would otherwise be possible.

This last week though, I've actually climbed a couple of times; simple top roped stuff, but fun.

Today, there was a bouldering competition. Bouldering is climbing without the use of ropes, so lower level above a big crash mat. I don't really like bouldering much. It's nearly all overhanging stuff and really hard on the arms and shoulders. Maybe 30 years ago!!

Of course Ben entered and when we arrived, I somehow found myself being talked into having a go; the real draw being that there was a 'Veteran' category into which absolutely no one had entered! Bottom line, climb one route and I've won! So I went home, got my gear, came back, paid my entrance fee, climbed 3 routes and won. What a joke!!! But it was good to be a part of it and, frankly, I thought I was doing pretty well to manage three!!.

When I was called up to claim a 'first prize', I was careful to choose something small (feeling that being the sole competitor made winning a bit of a cheat!), but was promptly handed this hoodie because it "Goes with the chalk bag you've chosen".

Personally, I think I'm gonna look like a traffic light!

A word about Ben. Being over 16 means he was in the Men's Open Category; a tough division with some seasoned climbers, including an ex-member of the Slovakian National Team (a really nice guy who strolls up routes which other people fall off). Ben came a very creditable fifth. Maybe he'd like the hoodie? 


Oh well!


  1. Well done H (a lot braver than me!) and well done to Ben too - especially as he is now in an older grouping I reckon coming 5th is a good place to start

  2. Well Done !

    What fun and colorful climbing routes but the building it is in intrigues me. Is this an old hall or church ? the ceiling is fabulous. Is this in a urban renewal area or just an older building that is just being re-purposed ?
    The old and new playing off of each other is very art gallery.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Congratulations on being a veteran prizewinner. With a red hat you would look like a traffic light! What is chalk used for please? Do you collect it from under your blackboard?

  4. Awesome job, H! And holy cow that hoodie is butt ugly.

    Enjoy your hallowe'ening.

  5. Michael and Hanne - If you look at the guy in the second photo, he is wearing a chalk bag. He also has chalk on his trousers and there is chalk all over the wall. Climbers rub chalk into their hands to help them grip (but it gets everywhere!).

    I haven't used a blackboard for at least 14 years :)

  6. I would totally wear that hoodie. I have zero sense of style and like comfort, so there you go!

  7. Oh, I meant to add that I would wear the hoodie. I would not climb those walls for hoodie. ;)

  8. HAHA, Butt ugly or not, it looks comfy. And after doing what you did to win it...comfort may sound pretty good :) Brava!!

  9. The hoodie is warm and rather too big so, in the middle of winter, when Alter Rock is freezing cold and Ben drags me along to stand around and belay...

  10. I ALWAYS like a good laugh... but the laugh is not about you climbing (awesome!) and winning without competition. It would be a howl to see you as a traffic light! LOL!

  11. What an adventure! You are very brave and must be very fit - looks like a warm hoodie - not sure about the colour though:)

  12. I'm open-mouthed with admiration here - for your bravery and skill, if not for the hoodie!