Tuesday 11 October 2011

What was on Scout Scar

We may not have had the views, but there were still things to see on top of Scout Scar.

The trig point is not at quite the highest point of the ridge, but it is placed to give a clear line of sight to at least two other trig points.

This is trig point 1062 (of 6557 in the UK), known as the Barrowfield Trig.

On top of the concrete pillar can be seen the mountings for the theodolite used for the Ordnance Survey's massive project to map Great Britain by geodetic survey (taking into account the curvature of the earth). Nowadays, the need for the triangulation of positions has been replaced by satellite, but the trig points remain!

Also on top of Scout Scar is this wonderful example of how to construct a dry stone wall, the cross section clearly showing the design behind the positioning of the stones.

Finally, there is the Mushroom.

Originally built in 1912 to commemorate the coronation of King George V, the Mushroom was refurbished in 2002 to mark the golden jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, his grand-daughter. It is a four way shelter giving information about the views to be seen.

All round the inside edge of the roof is engraved a pictorial representation of the view. Stand behind the central post and line up the picture with the landscape beyond. It tells you what you are looking at.

Look carefully and you may see as far as Blackpool tower, the Old Man of Coniston, the Langdales and even across to the Yorkshire Dales.

On a grey day like today, I'm afraid I'll have to take their word for it!


  1. I wonder if people collect Trig Points like mountaineers collect mountains in Scotland or inhebriants like me collect beer mats? If the bloody things weren't all on the top of hills I might be tempted to start a collection.

  2. I do like the idea of that mushroom - pity you couldn't appreciate the views - but I am sure you will be back.

  3. Too bad about the grey day! Still, the Mushroom is fascinating and I'm glad it is being maintained. Dry stone walls are incredible, I think. It must take forever to build one.

  4. Fantastic. Would love to visit there and spend some time in the Mushroom!

  5. I like to collect words. They aren't necessarily on the top of hills. But this one could be. It could be also under the sea!
    "Scar" A precipitous, rocky place; a cliff.
    "Scar" A low or submerged rock n the sea.
    1350-1400 ME. cf: eschar.
    Stone walls are better made in Yorkshire by the way.....