Thursday 11 March 2010


They have some really odd things in the fields on the Melbourne estate. From rather large, bright blue Biryani Paste tubs on tripods,, we come to these... designed to benefit birds and the other designed to scare them away (though different kinds of birds). There were four of these 'scarecrows' in this particular field; 3 yellow on red and this one. The backs of them were silver and they could be seen flashing from quite some distance away as they spun round reflecting the sunlight. This is another pic from LC (too far away for my camera to take), but I wouldn't like to tell you how many goes it took to catch the face on the photo! :D

We did also spot some of the birds for which the Biryani Paste tubs were erected. Not pheasants this time, but other smaller game birds. We had a little bit of a debate about what exactly they were, but eventually decided that they were Black Grouse. Our scource for this determination was a piece of highly respected documentation - they look like the picture on the bottle of a certain well-known brand of whisky - only black!

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  1. I am pleased to know that as a teacher you use recyclable material to source your knowledge base so refreshing that your not just relying on orni (bird books) or google to study birds.