Monday 29 March 2010

Equine antics

On most walks, the bulk of animals spotted tend to be cows or sheep. While we certainly spotted some of both, far and away the predominant livestock seen was equine. There were horses in fields, horses in stables, horses being ridden and, far and away the best for the "Ahhh" factor - little rough haired ponies. Unfortunately, none of the little rough haired ponies were interesting in coming close enough to be photographed. This chappie was quite obliging though, wandering over to say "Hello. Have you got anything for me to eat?" as we walked down Old Mill Lane.

I remembered the horses from when we scouted the walk back in October. At one particular point, we had crossed a field towards a farm gate and were studying the map, when my friend suddenly looked up, gave an exclamation of surprise and took a distinct step backwards. As I turned round, I understood why. A rather large horse had decided to investigate these unannounced humans hanging around in his field. Being keen to greet us before we escaped through the (tightly fastened) gate, he was coming at quite a speed! We were both somewhat relieved when he skidded to halt with about six feet to spare; after which he proved relatively friendly :)

A brief scan of the web showed me that there are a number of liveries and stables in the area as well as a good number of bridleways.

It also turned up this little gem from the minutes of the meeting of Thurgoland Parish Council...


Councillor Rowley advised the meeting that she has been approached by residents of Old Mill Lane who are concerned at the amount of horse droppings being deposited along the lane. After discussion it was agreed that the Clerk write to Environmental Services to ask for their advice on this matter, and to ask if Old Mill Lane can be swept more frequently.
...followed up the next month with this response...

The Clerk advised the meeting that she has received correspondence from Regulatory Services advising that there are no laws concerning horse droppings, and that an inspection of Old Mill Lane found only a small amount of droppings. However, the comments made have been passed to Neighbourhood Services and Highways who will deal with the issue of road sweeping.
Awww...and he looks so sweet from the front end!

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  1. Oh dear...
    Doesn't anyone grow roses these days??

    Surely any resident who did would have been right there, bucket and spade in hand...

    Enjoying tagging along on this walk; where to next?