Friday 12 March 2010

Light on water

I love water and I love sunlight. Put the two together and the effects can be amazing, so here are a couple of light on water photos; the first close after Breedon Garden Centre and the second on Melbourne Pool.

Here, I particularly enjoyed the way the light emphasised the curve of the brook as it wound its way between the banks; dark with bare trees, dead wood and the slowly decomposing leaves from last year.

 Out of picture, the mood was lightened somewhat by a showing of pure white snowdrops.

And, with the day turning towards late afternoon and the sun beginning to lower in the sky (yes, I do know it's us moving really, not the sun) the path of light traced across the Pool left the far bank beautifully silhouetted.

The tops of the trees remind me a little of fragments of torn spider webs against the sky; but also of something else which I can't quite put my finger on...

But, rats!, I was just too quick to catch the duck in the reflected light. Should have looked more carefully!

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