Monday 8 March 2010

Waterfowl great and small

Lots of piccies of water fowl today. Some are mine and some were taken by a friend.

This female Mallard was enjoying a paddle along the top of the weir, no doubt looking for anything tasty.

My feeble 3.2x optical zoom was no where near good enough to capture a photo of this Great Crested Grebe. Besides, every time I pointed my camera at him, he upended and resurfaced across the other side of the Pool. He was leading me a merry dance and probably enjoying every second of it!! Thank you LC; 10x zoom and he posed!

This coot was much more obliging, paddling right up to the bank for me to snap. Though I do suspect he was more interested in discovering whether or not we might have anything food-like about our persons. I love the way he swam through the pool of sunlight, sparkling off the water.

We couldn't decide whether this Canada Goose was after food or just wanted to chase us away. He was certainly hissing a bit; though he did pipe down when we hissed back.

And finally...

(Another one from LC)

The Swans were majestic, gliding across the water.


  1. They are fab photos . If I had not lost my camera charger I would be putting better photos on . No blog today back at work and exhausted .

  2. Great shots. I love the one of the coot surrounded by sun stars. And the swan is so well-exposed. I've never ever managed to get a swan pic that didn't have burnt-out highlights.

  3. some of them pics r beautiful, i also love the 1 if the coot in the sunlight :)v.relaxin 2 watch them swim.