Tuesday 23 March 2010


When the new Carsington Reservoir was constructed in the early 1990s, the small 'island' near the visitor centre was laid with a spiral path along which were placed a number of standing stones. Each stone had a peephole cut through, somewhere near the top, and each hole was designed to frame a different view across the reservoir or surrounding countryside. The sculptures are a fantastic way of removing the whole in order to focus on the specific and they make the viewer appreciate the detail of what is seen. It works in much the same way as when an artist will sometimes 'frame' a view to visualise a painting.

This post, just above the stepping stone bridge of yesterdays (rewritten) blog, reminded me of those standing stones, and I could not resist darting off the path to take a snapshot through the hole.

The view beyond, lacks the depth of Carsington Water, but I love the textures in this photo and I find the overall effect somewhat pleasing.


  1. Always a good photographer's ploy - to make a frame with your fingers to see what the view looks like. It's surprising how things change, viewed within a frame.

  2. I really like this photo. Looking through the peephole 2 c all the possibilities of what lies behind :)