Tuesday 2 March 2010

May contain crocus >:(

This little fella and I had a bit of a falling out earlier!

Now I do like squirrels. http://h-little-sealed-packages.blogspot.com/2010/02/take-away-food.html   I don't mind when they dig holes in my garden; they are usually very good at filling them in again. I don't mind when they nibble at the fruit on the apple tree in the autumn; there's plenty for all. I don't even mind them trying to break into the bird feeders; mainly because it hasn't worked! BUT, I was rather peeved as I arrived back from Sainsbury's this morning, to see this cheeky little tyke bound up my garden path, break the yellow head off one of my newly opened crocuses, sit bolt upright and begin to tuck in.

He didn't tuck in for long! He took one look at the speed with which I was emerging through the patio door and ran for his life!

Irrepressible as ever though, three hours later, here he is, ears pricked up, twinkle in his eye, helping himself to peanuts as if nothing had happened. And he's welcome!

Meanwhile, I got the wished for bright yellow sunshine and my crocuses have responded beautifully.

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