Wednesday 10 March 2010 high places

There is something stimulating about being in a high place; having an open view and big skies. This spot is not especially high, and the day was a tad hazy, giving a slightly blurred view of Melbourne, but it did give me that sense of being on top of things which I experience in all elevated places. Somehow, the whole of life shrinks into perspective, troubles seem that little bit less daunting and, for a short while at least, I feel like I am enormously powerful and absolutely minute both at the same time.

Now, if you don't share my love of high places, you may be thinking that this is a little over the top (sorry, couldn't resist), but I honestly do get a tremendous lift from being high up and drinking in the view; and those who share that love are probably nodding sagely with a slight itching to be out and up.

For those who want to look it up: Habakkuk 3 v 17 - 19

And incidentally, no it wasn't us who left the gate open; in fact, we didn't come through it. But I'm loving the binder twine hinges! A good bit of farmer improvisation :)

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  1. I do agree - even if I always have to look Habbakuk up in the index to find it!