Friday 5 March 2010

Tangled branches, semi-silhouetted

No work today! Woohoo! Instead, I went for a lovely walk with a couple of friends.We had a great time enjoying the sunshine and the scenery and putting the world to rights.

Part of our walk took us through Breedon golf course. Now it's quite exposed up there, so the whole of the course is edged with ruler-straight lines of poplar trees. There used to be a line of poplars across the road from my house when I was growing up, so they have always been a tree with good associations. Plus, I love the height and shape, especially when they are planted in such neat rows. They take on a certain orderly splendour all of their own. And so, I took a photo.

But then, my friend, being a creative-cookie, suggested I stand at the foot of one of the trees and take a photo looking upward; so I did! And I'm really pleased with the result! I love the tangle of branches, semi-silhouetted against the brightness of the morning sky. Good call! :)

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