Thursday 14 April 2011


Day 3: Gardens

I'm sure most Universities have gardens. These are dual purpose because they are a peaceful place to find a bit of personal space or to chill with friends, but also provide a working classroom for FE students training in horticulture or garden design.

I'll leave you to enjoy a few photos.


  1. Too many years ago to recount I spent a year at Fircroft College in Birmingham. It had a fine garden (it used to be George Cadbury's house) and the Principle at the time had a strong believe in two things - physical work and Hobbesian philosophy. Three hours gardening duty and a similar time studying Hobbes were essential parts of the curriculum.

  2. I love the colour green but can't wait for the flowers to come out. Please repeat in Summer! Grreat photos. Alan, two spelling mistakes....

  3. By the way, your Penticton clock is twenty minutes slow. How do we correct that?? Maybe they are ALL slow.... They all seem to be.

  4. The Van Dusen gardens at the University of British Columbia are fabulous. If you're ever in Victoria in the spring time, the rhodos at the University of Victoria's Finnerty Gardens are definitely worth a trip.