Wednesday 20 April 2011

Marginally better

Definitely looking a bit tidier now...

... than it did a couple of days ago.

I wonder how long it will last this time!



  1. Someone has been busy :)

    I thought it looked so pretty and natural before, though ;) To keep the weeds away, might I suggest you use mulch (either bark chips or a good top dressing of compost).

  2. Looks great! It will last until the next rain and those pesky weeds pop up again.

  3. What is all that bare earth for? Very unnatural. Put something in please!

  4. if this weather keeps up I give it two or three days at most. Don't forget to shake the forget me not seeds around when they have finished flowering - they come up in the most unlikely places.

  5. We have someone coming tomorrow to tidy up our garden :-)