Wednesday 6 April 2011

Windgather Rocks

The end of the main ridge path is reached at a small rocky outcrop named Pym's Chair, just beyond which is a country lane and this mini edge; Windgather Rocks. Like Stanage Edge, this is an outcrop of gritstone and, not surprisingly, attracts its fair share of climbers. Being much smaller than Stanage (which is a similar distance from home), I did wonder whether it would hold much interest as a potential visiting place for the lads, but I am assured that it would! Apparently, the height of the routes makes it a great place for practising soloing; climbing without a rope. The Edge is not so high that a fall would be lethal, especially with the positioning of a bouldering mat under the climb, and the easy access between top and bottom means that routes can be tackled in quick succession.

I can see 'Mum's Taxi' being called upon at some point during the summer holidays!


  1. More Great Photos! Your legs are tiring us!

  2. Did you visit Dunge Valley gardens while you were in the area?!

  3. What an interesting rock formation.
    Does Mum's Taxi also deliver lunch and drinks to the climbers?

  4. Super scenery! If you promise to pack a picnic basket, I'll come along to keep you company ;)