Saturday 30 April 2011

Damascus Crack with the buttress finish

Back to The Roaches, and of course, the reason I was there was that I was once again being taxi; this time to take Ben to join his brother and friends for a spot of climbing.

Damascus Crack is a single pitch climb, graded VS (Very Severe; harder than the bands of Difficult, but less hard than Extreme). The guide book describes the route as 12m, but the alternate, buttress finish adds a bit to that height.

Mark led this one with Ben on belay waiting to second.

Once at the top, Mark set up the belay and it was Ben's turn to climb.

Nicely done :)


  1. Outstanding pictures, H!!! So much detail (even down to the moss covering the rocks...doesn't that make them very slippery?)

    Your sons get on so well together and it's super they share the same passion for rock climbing! This was quite an impressive climb!

  2. Wonderful photos! Are you very anxious as you watch them climb? Both of your boys look very fit and agile and the detail your camera has captured of the rocks is amazing:)

  3. I love the texture of those rocks. Absolutely lovely. Have you tried it? I know you wrote you're the taxi but I wondered if you gave it a go.

    Neat perspective on these pics!