Friday 15 April 2011


I rather liked this narrow passageway leading away from Keswick market place and opening up to the distant fell view.


  1. Thank you for leading me down this little lane and out into the bright sunshine beyond. It is just what I needed today!

    Your kind words and heartfelt condolences are greatly appreciated, H. Thank you from all of us.


    Des xo

  2. Hard to believe that there is a busy market place nearby - it all looks so peaceful!

  3. Looked quite fun until I spotted the gate....

  4. Des, Stay strong! x

    Rosie, The Market Place was surprisingly busy for a Friday in April. I guess a lot of people are taking holidays before the kids turn out for Easter.

    Michael, the alley opens straight off the busy Market Place, with an ATM tucked just into the top of it, so I can totally understand the notice on the gate. I agree though that it would be lovely to explore.