Wednesday 13 April 2011


Day 2: The Yurt Village

Part of the work of the university involves provision in outdoor education and experience. That is the reason for the Yurt Village.

I'd heard of Yurts, but was a bit vague as to what they are. Apparently, a Yurt is a traditional, nomadic, circular tent from Mongolia. There are about eight in the village on campus. The smaller ones are for sleeping and will comfortably house 8 people, but there's also a larger central one which acts as a meeting place.  Mark spent an evening in the large one watching climbing films. He says they fitted about 40 people in comfortably (and I'm pretty sure it was a 'bring your sleeping bag and find a floor space' job, rather than rows of seats. Rows don't quite fit with a Yurt, do they?)

Apparently, they are also surprisingly warm. They are well insulated and every Yurt has its own wood burning stove. Let's face it, if a Yurt can cope with a Mongolian winter, it's hardly going to struggle in Cumbria is it?

The wooden building is a communal cooking area; useful for groups booking in for a stay, and apparently, the kinds of groups which come range from primary school children to corporate businesses, each with a programme of activities to suit.

The yurts were empty as we wandered, but I peeped in through the keyhole and caught a narrow view of the inside. I have to say that they look very cosy! I really fancy a night in one!! It would be great fun to camp out there with a bunch of friends! (But maybe that's just the kid in me wanting to play 'den'.)


  1. We stayed in a yurt some years back, down in Oregon. You're right - it was cosy and warm and quite a step up from a tent.

  2. One can have fun with "Yurt" on the internet. There are many companies manufacturing modern yurts. On can live in one quite comfortably for about $5000. (YURT = HOME)

  3. My daughter stayed in a yurt on holiday somewhere in Wales - so you could make your dream come true quite easily.

  4. I read of somehwere in the UK recently where you could stay in a yurt and go llama trekking during the day. Can't remember where now! They do look very cosy:)