Sunday 10 April 2011

Of succinct summaries and unidentified flowers

A couple of days ago, JennyFreckles was posting on her blog, showing old gravestones and talking about epitaphs. I have no idea what I would want on my headstone, but this inscription to Tony Armstrong, a memorial engraved on a bench by the side of the Fernilee Reservoir, is a very succinct summary of what he must have been. The miniature daffodils add a lovely splash of colour. 

A little further on and these flowers were just beginning to show on an unidentified tree.

Aren't they gorgeous?!

I love to look at the big picture; see the scale and the grandeur (like looking up at Blencathra or driving over Shap Fell; both of which I have been privileged enough to do this weekend), but there is also much beauty to be found in the detail of life. I often have to be reminded of that!


  1. What an incredibly interesting tree! I've never seen anything like it before, although it resembles some time of pine (?)

    Tony Armstrong must have been a very private (reclusive?) man of few words!

  2. I thought the same as Desiree - he was probably one of those quiet and wise types.

  3. Lovely photos. We are walking on the red flowers strewn over our woodland paths from the poplars.

  4. So true, and we usually hurry right past. I always have to remind myself to slow down and smell all of the flowers!

  5. What an interesting flower - I wonder what it is.
    I short bit on a gravestone or bench is just right. This one leaves me wanting to know a bit about the man.