Wednesday 30 November 2011

Scavenger Hunt - November

I've been AWOL for about 3 months, but am finally back with a selection of photos for November's  Scavenger Hunt, hosted by Kathy from Postcards from the PP.

A poppy (a real one) taken in Spring near to Ingleby in Derbyshire.

The gates of the Memorial Gardens in Ashbourne, with the display of poppy wreaths, laid to remember those who fell in the wars.

Branches silhouetted against the sunrise.

Something I have made; sloe gin. It's ready for drinking but I don't want to decant it until just before Christmas.

Something purple. These are the front and back views of my Stewarding Team - Control Office T shirt from the New Wine Conference this summer.

Warmth - the sun; still giving warmth even on a November morning.

Polka dots on a towel.

I  had difficulty with 'A lucky charm' because I don't have any. I do however, tend to pick things up and hang onto them. This wizened conker has been in my fleece pocket for at least two years. (I do take it out when I wash the fleece :) )

Very tactile! 

Something which lights up.

These candles sit on my hearth and add a lovely glow on a dark winter evening.

The staircase is from the top floor of the Lakeland Climbing Centre in Kendal. The bouldering room is on the top floor.

Comfort food.

This mince pie is waiting to comfort me as I struggle to fend off a cold on this November afternoon.

Finally - I hate having my photo taken!


  1. Great photos! I like the staircase and that mince pie looks so good... I've been thinking about mince pies all afternoon but couldn't be bothered to stop at a shop to buy some... regretting that now!

    Hope your cold goes away soon!

  2. Nice collection of photos and also nice to see what you look like!

  3. Good to see the face from behind tha camera!

  4. What a wonderful silhouette! And the sloe gin is looking good too>

  5. Wonderful photos and it is nice to see you !
    That Mince Pie looks so light and tasty I have a cup of coffee just waiting ! ... please tell me you made it and will share the recipe.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. That is a good post. You are giving up your principles as you get younger, glad to hear about that. Must be something to do with going on strike. Too bad about that mince pie. I just ate it.

  7. Great photos. Like your silhouette and the colour of the sloe gin. Nice to see you, too:)

  8. I have two conkers in my coat pocket! Not as old as yours but I'm sure they make people wonder what on earth I'm fiddling with!!!
    Love the trees against that sky.

  9. The staircase photo is really rather mesmerising. I can't stop looking at it. Well, maybe just to go and stare longingly at the mince pie instead...

  10. Great photos, I love the one of the sloe gin.

  11. Dear H, You have such a wonderful blogspot, so welcoming and inviting. Your photographs are delightful! I really can't choose a favourite as I love them all. I scrolled up and down quite a few times :) I love the nifty way you took the photo of the stairwell, and that's a great purple t-shirt! You have such a beautiful smile, thank you for filling my day with happiness. Sweet Blessings, Kerrie

  12. Loved all these entries, especially the self portrait. Makes me sorry I sort of cheated on that one myself!

  13. Great photos! Love your staircase.

  14. That staircase photo is spectacular !!!
    Well done.

  15. A lovely set of photos. My favourite is the silhouette but I also like the staircase one.

  16. The staircase made me would the Sloe Gin:) Great photos. the last one being the best!

  17. The comfort food looks yummy!