Saturday 17 March 2012

The cuddlies

Yes, yes! I know they all have claws and teeth, but they LOOK cuddly.

Don't you feel the urge to pick up this Patagonian cavy and give him a big hug?

In the case of the wallabies, they have a bit of a kick too!

But these are the guys I really love.

I did have the privilege of cuddling a meerkat once. When Mark was in year 10 (age 14/15), I took him to the Derbyshire Skills festival; a kind of gathering of careers exhibitors. One group of exhibitors was called Tropical Inc. They are based in Birmingham but travel to do animal habitat educational shows and workshops around the country. They had quite a number of insects, a couple of albino hedgehogs, two beautiful blue and yellow macaws, plus a meerkat. After quite a while of chatting, I got the opportunity to hold the meerkat.

She snuggled along my jacket and sniffed around my ear, searching for food.

I don't think she found any!


  1. These are so much fun! Love that last one all to pieces. Yes, I would like to cuddle each one of them. Twice.

  2. Now there is an idea for a new icon for you on your blog; the mouse has probably passed on by now....

  3. Yes, they do all look to have soft fur... and I am a hugger by nature... but I'd not venture to hug any of these babies unless a pro assured me it was okay!

  4. I loved to watch the Meercats as they were so comical and entertaining. I liked how one stood sentry whilst the others relaxed and went about their business. I also thought the cavy was cute:)