Thursday 1 March 2012

Embankment 2

And so to the reason why we came to Millstone Quarry - what else, but climbing?

Mark has been dying to come here for ages because it has some really tough routes.

Ben first though, about to lead a VS (Very Severe) called Embankment 2.

I videoed it, which is why he has so suddenly appeared at the top :)

This was the first belay system he had set up solo though!! (From a very handy pair of silver birch trees.)

Mark followed him up, removing the gear as he climbed.

Almost there.

Topping out (and, for some reason, this is always the bit that gives me jitters. I watch them delicately pick their ways up the side of a sheer cliff face, without me experiencing a sign of nerves and then they get to the top and... jitters! Why??)


  1. Brilliant post ... the boys done good

    Especially Ben ... and you can tell him that!

  2. Jitters? I would have my head under a blanket.