Thursday 15 March 2012

My garden is coming back to life

It was beautiful on Monday afternoon so, work done, I grabbed the opportunity to do a little clearing and sorting in my garden.

Spring is definitely here :)

The hyacinth smell is intoxicating!

Couldn't you just breathe it in all day long?

The pale yellow primroses showed their noses weeks ago, but they are now joined by their bright pink cousins.

Lots of daffs!

At this time of year, the Derby outer ring road also looks at its best, with the blossom trees in flower all along the central reservation of Warwick Avenue and daffs in abundance all round the western loop.

I have clumps of daffs and narcissus scattered all over my garden

including these very sweet mini versions.

Last year, I'm sure someone told me what these are called. I've forgotten again. Sorry :(

(It's an anenome nemorosa. Thanks Ian and Karen from Narrowboat Tacet.)

I do recognise that wee beastie in the top left corner though. I had a bit of an argument with many just like him. As a result, my blackberry patch is looking well tamed but my arms are covered in nasty red scratches.

Such is life!

PS: It's very blurry because it was taken through the glass of my patio door, but someone is looking for food. She's almost touching the pane.

I wonder if we'll see cubs this year.


  1. I can smell the perfume from here! Hope you have enough water for the garden this year.....

  2. The blue flower is an anemone nemorosa, the blue version of the wild white anemone found in woodlands. I had a large patch in our garden in Sussex, lovley.

  3. Oh, I hope you see pups this year. Your gardens look wonderful. Got out in mine for a couple of hours on Monday too. Cutting back the invasive vines and digging out some early weeds. Been cold and rainy since. I'm really hoping the sun comes back tomorrow.

  4. What lovely colour in your garden!
    You know, I've never seen a fox. If you see cubs I hope you'll post photos.

  5. You lucky girl, you are ahead of us ! My garden is still naked like a new born baby !!

  6. You have some lovely spring flowers in your garden. We hear foxes calling in the night and know they cross our garden but very rarely see them - they are usually such shy creatures but when I was talking to a friend on the phone a few days ago she said a fox had come right up to their cat flap and nosed it, looks like you have a curious or hungry fox too:)

  7. Lovely garden, H. These spring flowers are eye candy to someone who has spent six weeks in gray dreariness (winter months in southern China). I'm home in Manila for just a short break, but return to work in a few days. I hope I will see colourful signs of spring there too! I miss blogging, but I'm afraid it will have to remain sporadic over the coming months... just too much on my plate. :-)