Tuesday 6 March 2012

Embankment 3

Here we go again, just a little further down the same rock face on the grade E1 climb, with the highly original name of Embankment 3 (Oh well!)

Mark was very disappointed not to get this clean first time because E1 is well within his ability, but he did climb it eventually.

Ben was on camera and, although he didn't intend to change the settings to monochrome, I really like the effect.

Then it was Ben's turn to climb. The setting sun was reflecting off the rock face turning it a beautiful golden brown.

Like Mark, it took Ben two goes, but he got it; his first E1 :)

Looks like it's going to be another walk back to the car by headtorch though. Let's hope this car park isn't locked at 6pm!!!


  1. I am getting more and more nervous at these posts....but the photos are great!

  2. I'm really never doing that! The pics are beautiful, though. ~ Maureen

  3. wahahahahahahaha
    I am so not doing that either but really enjoying the photos !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Trying to get back to life as it should be...and love that you've given a tour of your most amazing landscapes, again, and shared your most brave rock climbers! Jitters are earned:)

  5. This is amazing! Great photos...scary, but really interesting!!

  6. What an amazing set of photos in your last few posts and thank goodness they both got there in the end! Hope you weren't locked in the card park:)

  7. Love the colours in the rocks. Not sure I could do that climbing though, well done to the boys.
    Am reading Jeffrey Archer's Paths of Glory at the moment, so getting the feel for climbing challenges.

  8. Fantastic photos, I was up there a few weeks ago and watched the hang gliders in amazement, I really want to try that over Mam Tor! I've got some paintings of Derbys. in The Crompton Tavern in Derby at the mo if you're passing take a look. Some of Belper, Castleton and Tideswell. Really enjoyed looking at your climbing images, thank you.