Sunday 4 March 2012

Top pitch

Having made it to the central ledge, the lads swapped roles and Mark led pitch two.

I watched for a while and then went to explore.

There are paths all along the base of the quarry with mounds of heather and lots of silver birch trees.

By the time Mark was finishing pitch two, I had found a much easier scramble to the top and was waiting (very quietly, so as not to startle him - Did I mention that I get twitchy when they top out?)

It looks an awfully long way down!


  1. It IS fun to see the entire series here with a bit of an explanation about all the gorgeous scenery and insane things the lads are doing.

  2. I'm sorry H but I swore out loud when I saw that first picture ... I'll go get the soap :(

    I've probably said it before but I think it's great that the lads have a common interest to share like this but never mind you being "twitchy" as they top-out ... the photos as a whole of them doing this fairly scare the pants of me :'(

  3. Absolutely Beautiful photo yesterday and today.
    When I see posts like this all my tourist bells start ringing.
    Except for the climbing straight up the side of a huge rock.... I think I will leave that to others.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. I searched your photos for the early signs of spring but found none.